BottledSnail Productions

Interview with Your Law Firm



May 19, 2016

Thanks to Terminus’ Platinum Sponsor, Your Law Firm.

The new business model changing the face and practise of law in Australia.

We sat down with Meda Royall, founder of Your Law Firm, to learn a little bit more about the theory behind this new style of practise, and why Your Law Firm and BottledSnail make such a great team.

So tell us a bit about Your Law Firm?

Your Law Firm is a law practice franchise which focuses on meeting the needs of both clients and practitioners. The idea behind Your Law Firm, and what we want to achieve, is to empower lawyers to achieve greater job satisfaction and a healthy work-life balance through flexibility in practice, and by providing a better service for clients.  Our business model places emphasis on the wellbeing of our lawyers, and the establishment of trusting relationships with our clients that are founded on certainty and transparency. We want to change the way law is practiced and the way lawyers are perceived by the wider community.  While public opinion is that lawyers and clients can never see eye-to-eye – particularly on the question of legal costs and approachability – we believe that there is commonality to be found if practitioners are given the right conditions to foster a positive and long lasting lawyer-client relationship.

What makes Your Law Firm stand out from the other law firms?

The Your Law Firm franchise business model is unique in that it offers lawyers a rare opportunity to run their own exclusive practice without the stress of budgets, long hours or large overheads, without the need to travel to and from an office, but at the same time without compromising support or other services only available in larger firms.  Given the severe rate of mental health issues within the industry, we strongly believe in freedom and flexibility in practice but we also know that it is most lawyers’ dream to own equity in their firm.  That’s why we offer our lawyers a cloud-based practice management system which is accessible on their laptop from anywhere there is an internet connection, and the freedom to dictate their own hours and their own workplace.  We provide our practitioners with comprehensive back office support, similar to support found in larger law firms, and the benefit of referrals and mentoring from an entire network of like-minded individuals. But, above all, we offer our lawyers the opportunity to own their own law firm.

For clients, Your Law Firm offers full-service legal assistance delivered by local experts.  What this means is that clients no longer have to travel longer distances to be able to access an expert in a particular area of law.  Additionally, the mobility of our lawyers means that we can meet clients where and when they choose, and still keep costs down.  We want to give clients the best service experience possible, so we’ve gotten rid of the billable hour to ensure that they get the most comprehensive assistance without the ticking clock or large price tag.  Our promise to clients is to charge our fees according to a fixed quote, and not a cent more while delivering the highest level of client service and practical expertise.

What are you most looking forward to about the upcoming production of Terminus?

This will be the third BottledSnail Production we have attended and we always get a special pleasure out of watching members of the legal community showcase their more creative skills and do something they really love. You can’t ignore the genuine happiness the performers exude when on stage. We thank BottledSnail Productions for giving us another opportunity to support and contribute to this great initiative through being the Platinum Sponsor of Terminus.

This is the second BottledSnail production you have been involved in, why do you think that working with BottledSnail Productions is a good fit with Your Law Firm?

Your Law Firm was started on the premise that people thrive when they’re doing the things that they love, and that when they’re doing the things they love is when they are genuinely happy.  The reason for putting the needs of our practitioners first is to ensure that they have the freedom to maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle despite working in a high-stress industry. We take practitioners’ mental health issues seriously and want to do everything we can to promote a positive platform for our lawyers to thrive. All of our lawyers receive training in mental fitness to ensure that they have the tools to maintain their wellbeing in both their personal and professional lives.

The core principles upon which we base our positive model are a positive purpose, positive relationships, positive emotions, positive health, positive engagement and positive accomplishment. Having a creative outlet in a supportive and encouraging environment is a key ingredient of our core principles.

Working with BottledSnail Productions – a body which provides members of the legal community with such a creative outlet – is the perfect embodiment of those ideals, and we’re very proud to again be supporting a group of such talented individuals as the Platinum Sponsor of Terminus.

Your Law Firm has had staff involved in Habeas Chorus before, what do you think are the key benefits of participating in the Bottledsnail project?

Having a creative outlet when working in a high-stress industry is invaluable to our wellbeing.  Our staff have found that being involved in an initiative such as BottledSnail brings a lot of much-needed perspective to a profession which spends a lot of time with its nose to the grindstone.  We believe that having that opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded individuals with similar interests allows practitioners to flex their creative muscles, and helps them to achieve greater balance in their work life.

Anything you want to add?

Yes.  We want to give a big ‘thank you’ to the great men and women who make up BottledSnail Productions.  Without their hard work and effort, members of the legal community would not have this greatly satisfying outlet to have fun and showcase their talents.  Achieving a healthy work-life balance starts with creating sustainable work practices and making changes that affect attitudes and perceptions within the industry, and we are truly grateful to have the opportunity to again collaborate with BottledSnail as the platinum sponsor of Terminus.